Rib Model

The anatomically exact reproduction of several ribs of the chest wall enables the testing and training of rib osteosynthesis as part of clinical training courses or product demonstrations.

Thoracic Model

The realistic anatomical reproduction of the ribcage affords the development and optimization of new thoracic implants and their application procedures.

Our models’

  • lifelike human anatomy and biomechanical properties (haptic, stability, fracture behaviour)
  • modularity for versatile and user-determined applications
  • MRI- and CT-compatible materials

Thoracic Surgery Trainer

The thoracic surgery trainer depicts in an anatomically correct manner the bone and soft tissue conditions of the hemithorax of a male patient lying on his side.

In combination with our proprietary organ tray, it enables realistic training of surgical steps in the field of minimally invasive and open thoracic surgery.