Team / Management

Tizian Mehl

Managing Director

As an experienced project manager, his focus here is on finance, business development and operations.

With an engineering background for MedTec products, he has in-depth expertise in technical solutions and customer requirements in the life science industry. Due to his early specialization in regulatory affairs for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, he is well-versed in the challenges of regulated businesses and the path to efficient market access.

Heike Walles

Managing Director, Scientific Advisor, Co-Founder

Trained in human biology, Dr. Heike Walles is an accomplished translational scientist with a strong background in material sciences. Her research takes place at the interface between biological tissue and medical implant and focusses on the cultivation of different types of tissues from primary human cells, which can be used in transplantation medicine as well as for drug testing and in cancer research.  Her business network includes leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as regulatory authorities and outstanding research institutions worldwide. Heike Walles was a member of the German Ethics Council from 2010 to 2012 and was appointed to the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) in 2016.

Sascha Kopp

Research + Development / Co-Founder

Being a trained molecular biologist and an experienced bioreactor developer, Dr. Sascha Kopp is linking biology and technology. Apart from his strong background in gravitational biology, he has got a multiyear expertise in leading research teams in the fields of technology development and tissue engineering. His focus is to solve technical problems and to come up with innovative ideas by facilitating state of the art additive manufacturing technologies.

Thorsten Walles

Medical Advice / Co-Founder

Being a full professor for Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Thorsten Walles has many years of extensive experience in general thoracic surgery and teaching surgical skills. His surgical expertise covers the entire spectrum from minimally invasive surgical procedures including robotic surgery to advanced multi-visceral procedures. Both clinically and within professional associations, he is dedicated to the practical training of medical assistants, students, residents and specialists. His scientific network includes renowned hospitals and research institutes worldwide as well as medical device companies.

Advisory Board

Christoph Brücher


Dr. Christoph Brücher is a senior life-sciences manager with more than 20 years of experience in business development, alliance management, licensing and intellectual property management. He is a trained organic chemist and co-inventor of several patents. His professional career includes positions in oral and biological pharmaceuticals, molecular diagnostics, drug delivery, pharmaceutical excipients, medical devices and contract development and manufacturing.

Norbert Windhab


Dr. Norbert Windhab is an experienced manager, serial innovator and founder in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He is currently VP Business Innovation to Hovione in the global CDMO and pharmaceutical ingredients business. Dr. Windhab is a scientific board member at the BIOSS Excellence Center at the University of Freiburg, was on the board of trustees of the Max Planck Institute in Cologne and Bonn (MPIPZ) and is EIC Expert for the Accelerator Program Horizon EUROPE. He holds a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Freiburg and an MBA from the Aston Business School Birmingham, UK.


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